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Choosing the perfect flooring can be a challenge. With the new FLOORVANA™ app, taking a simple photo can make your decision a little easier. FLOORVANA draws a unique color palette from your photo and provides you with options that best match your inspiration.  



  Capture moments of calmness, excitement, or whatever you want to feel when you enter the room. Let FLOORVANA draw from your inspiration and recommend flooring options that matter most to you.   Find the right flooring based on what inspires you. Customize your color palette and filter flooring types to fine tune FLOORVANA’s recommendations. Easily compare options to make sure you make the perfect choice.

  Don't stop with just one project. Create, store and share different ideas with different points of inspiration. Use the FLOORVANA app to share your ideas to get opinions and ideas from friends and family.  


 Available for download on Android and iPhone:

To view Caron's House of Carpet Product's follow the instructions below after you have downloaded the App.
1. Click the menu stack on the top left of the Floorvana start screen.
2. From the Floorvana menu, click the settings icon in the lower right corner.
3. On the Settings page, enter ZFJQ4 into the tet box and click 'OK'.